Khadir Mohideen College

[Nationally Re-Accredited with B Grade by NAAC]

Adirampattinam,Tamil Nadu,India-614701

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Two young boys of Adirampattinam used to travel to Pattukkottai in a Ford car to attend high school. One rainy day, the car became out of order near the travellers Bungalow, Pattukkottai and the boys had to walk in the rain to attend the morning session which started at 7.30 am. One of the boys told the other that the next generation should not be in such a difficulty. He also added that after he had started earning, he would establish a high school. The conversation took place on a rainy day of March 1937. As he said, he started Khadir Mohideen High School on 25.06.1949. This foresighted personality was the founder of our Khadir Mohideen College, Late.Haji.S.M.S.Shaik Jalaludeen. When he noticed the phenomenal growth of the school, he felt the need of establishing a centre for higher studies to the youth of the economically and socially downtrodden area. Khadir Mohideen College was started on 05.07.1955 by late.Haji.S.M.S.Shaik Jalaludeen in the cause of higher education for the economically deprived people of this area. His incumbency of office as Secretary and Correspondent of the educational institutions - Salahiya Arabic College, Khadir Mohideen College, Khadir Mohideen Higher Secondary School for Boys, Khadir Mohideen Higher Secondary School for Girls, Adirampattinam has been engraved in golden letters in the field of education.

After his sad demise on 02.10.1986, his eldest son Haji.S.Mohamed Mohideen stepped into his father’s shoes as the Secretary and Correspondent of the college and continued the unfulfilled work of his father with enthusiastic diligence. During his period, most of the PG courses were introduced in the college. Haji.A.M.Shamsudeen, B.A., was the Secretary and Correspondent of our college from 01.12.1992 to 24.09.2001 and rendered good educational services. Janab.M.Ahamed Ibrahim followed him from 25.09.2001 to 03.08.2002. Hon’ble Justice Janab.A.Abdul Hadi was appointed as the Receiver for M.K.N.Mathurasa Trust and its educational institutions from 04.08.2002 to 31.03.2005 by the Hon’ble High Court of Madras. Haji.Dr.S.Mohamed Aslam has assumed charge as Secretary and Correspondent of the Educational Institutions from 01.04.2005 to 21.09.2012. Haji.K.S.Sharfudeen was the Secretary and Correspondent from 22.09.2012 to 05.03.2013. The Hon’ble High Court of Madras (Madurai Bench) appointed Hon’ble Justice.K.Sampath as the Administrator for M.K.N.Mathurasa Trust and its Educational Institutions from 06.03.2013 and he continued upto 06.12.2016. He was followed by Hon’ble Justice.M.Thanikachalam from 07.01.2017 to 14.06.2017 as the Administrator.

The founder’s younger son Janab.S.J.Abul Hassan is the present Secretary and Correspondent of our college from 15.06.2017. He is a multifaceted personality who knows six languages and has a vast experience in good governance. He has been diligently steering effective measures to take our great institution to the next level.